Qubole + Talend

Talend + Qubole

Build and run data pipelines in the cloud at a fraction of the cost without the burden of managing servers.

Talend and Qubole offer simple and intuitive data integration and preparation in the cloud at a fraction of the cost and resources.

While companies are getting better at capturing more data, data teams are under pressure to transform that data and make it usable to business users when they need it. The Talend and Qubole integration allows companies to reduce the cost of transforming and making data consumable to business users. Customers can use the Talend Studio visual interface to create data jobs and pipelines that are executed in Qubole, eliminating the need to manage big data infrastructure or spend time writing complex MapReduce or Spark code for data processing.

  • Reduce data processing costs by 40-70% compared to on-premise solutions
  • Increase productivity by eliminating the reliance on IT for data preparation on Hadoop and Spark
  • Simplify data preparation with the power of the cloud
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