In Case You Missed It: Webinar – Getting to 1.5M Ads/sec

April 23, 2015 by

Qubole-DataXu-AWS-Post-WebinarAt the end of March, Qubole, along with DataXu and Amazon Web Services, hosted a special webinar detailing DataXu’s work with big data and the special platforms provided by both Qubole and AWS. Speakers at this highly informative webinar included Scott Ward, a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, Ashish Dubey, a Solutions Architect at Qubole, and Yekesa Kosuru, a VP of Engineering at DataXu. During the webinar, attendees were able to get a better understanding about big data.

Topics included:

The lifecycle of big data: From Generation to Collection & Storage to Analytics & Computation to Collaboration & Sharing.

How Amazon uses Elastic Mapreduce Architecture with its big data solutions, along with its Redshift Architecture.

How clients use Qubole Data Service in conjunction with AWS credentials.

Why DataXu went with AWS and Qubole along with what some of the best practices were that DataXu employed with Qubole data clusters in an effort to evaluate 1.5 million online ad opportunities every second.

If you happened to miss the webinar, you can still view the recording by clicking here.