Forbes: Qubole Data Service Road to Hadoop

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May 29, 2014 by Updated May 8th, 2024


On Monday, May 26, 2014, Qubole was featured on Technology contributor Dan Woods wrote an article titled “Two Roads to Instant Big Data” that highlighted the important advances that Qubole is affecting in the world of big data. Woods highlighted that many of the enormous advances being made today in big data technology are a direct result of the technological underpinnings made in the past. Qubole is building on these advances to provide big data in a unique and business-friendly way.

Big Data in the Cloud

One of the first things Woods pointed out was the fact that Qubole’s big data services are run completely on the cloud which significantly cuts down startup costs and also helps companies get up and running much faster. Qubole CEO and co-founder, Ashish Thusoo said as much in the Forbes article.

“Our goal at Qubole is to get companies up and running on Big Data in days, not months, and with a minimal upfront investment, so that companies can concentrate on analysis and value-add actions instead of infrastructure and operations,” Thusoo said.

Simplifying Hadoop

Another way that Qubole is building off the previous advances in big data technology and taking it to the next level is by making “Hadoop safe for the average person,” as Woods said in his article. So, not only is Qubole significantly reducing costs associated with big data, but it’s also making the entire big data process much easier for all types of businesses. Whereas in the past people were scared away from big data because they lacked sufficient knowledge and background to understand and use it, now they don’t have to worry about that. Executives can focus on what their business needs most while still having the benefits of big data.

Automated Workflows

Woods also pointed out another important step that Qubole is taking to further simplify the big data, automating workflows for companies. Companies no longer have to manually schedule and run the big data processes, it’s all done automatically. It’s adding value and opportunity each day to the company. Businesses can now run programs whenever they need to without the worry of making sure it actually happens. It’s greatly increasing the flexibility companies have with the data they are bringing in and how they use that data.

Graphical Web Interface

Woods also points out in his article that the entire process is controlled through a simple web interface, again emphasizing just how easy Qubole is making the big data processing. Not only is Qubole extremely effective and efficient with the services they offer, but it’s also giving businesses opportunities to do things they never before imagined.

We’re still not to instant big data as Woods pointed out. However, Qubole is taking the necessary steps to get us to that point. It’s making big data available to businesses of every size, and it’s doing it in a cost-effective and extremely efficient manner.

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