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September 17, 2020 by and Updated April 22nd, 2024

For decades our desks were covered in trophies, certificates, and medals demonstrating our accomplishments, achievements, and competencies. Over time, these methods of recognition have begun to migrate online as has the way we work, collaborate, and promote ourselves. These days, you list your professional achievements on LinkedIn and decorate your social media walls with digital trophies and medals which take multiple forms, one of those is a badge.

What is a Qubole Badge?

To recognize your Qubole Data Service (QDS) platform competency and to validate your QDS skills, Qubole is launching a badge program. Through this program, QDS users and administrators can earn a badge after qualifying for an online exam.

How will Qubole’s Badge help me?

The Qubole badge will demonstrate your competency with both Qubole and the relevant Data Lake concepts, that we promote, and highlight in our education programs.

If you are using the QDS platform or plan to use it in the near future, this is your chance to let the world know that you are rapidly becoming an expert.

Stand out from your peers with a Qubole Recognized Practitioner / Administrator Badge and accelerate your success in the Data Lake ecosystem.

Highlights of the Qubole Badge exam:

  • Questions are created with the help of subject matter experts 
    This ensures that the badge holder has the required knowledge to use the QDS platform effectively and efficiently.
  • Exams are role-based and allow you to start from fundamental levels
    To start with, we have two fundamental levels, of role-based badge exams:

    • Qubole Recognized Practitioner badge for QDS platform users, and
    • Qubole Recognized Administrator badge for QDS platform administrators
  • Exams are free of cost and easily accessible from the Qubole University
    Each exam is of one-hour duration, consisting of multiple-choice questions. You can start the exam as you register. If you exhaust two attempts, the exam will be locked for seven working days.
  • Supporting training and hands-on labs are available to prepare for the exam
    For all QDS users and administrators, we highly suggest going through the recommended training program and hands-on lab exercises followed by practicing the required skills on the platform before taking the exam.
  • After an unsuccessful attempt, access the feedback links to learn more about the concept
    After an unsuccessful attempt, you can review your answer sheet and access the links provided in the feedback section to learn the respective concept. This unique approach to helping you understand the concept continues the learning experience.

Can I share my Qubole Badge publicly?

Yes, once you earn the badge, the learning system allows you to share the badge and the certificate digitally on LinkedIn as well as on other social media platforms.

You can also download and share the Badge certificate via email.

To know more about the Badge program, visit university.qubole.com.

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