Qubole Turns 3 Years Old: A Letter from the CEO

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October 2, 2014 by Updated May 8th, 2024


Qubole turned 3 years old on September 9th, 2014.

Wow, it has been that long!! Time flies when you are having fun and creating impactful things.

We knew when we started that cloud was a big disruptive force, and we set out to build a company around using its disruptive nature to build a game-changing big data platform. Since then, we have seen the market move towards our solution with every passing quarter. While we saw tremendous interest from early adopters of the cloud back in 2012 when we went live with our platform, increasingly enterprise companies are now turning to us and realizing the value of our solution. We have the numbers to prove this.

Cloud Supports Enterprise-Grade, Large Scale Big Data Deployments

Qubole continues to increase the amount of data processed each month and continues to support some of the largest Hadoop clusters in the world on the cloud. In August, Qubole processed 35.71 petabytes of data, handled 266,000 queries, and cycled through 278,400 cloud machine instances across our on-demand Hadoop clusters. The following graph shows the tremendous growth in the amount of data processed month over month across our growing client base.


Our auto-scaling and self-managed big data infrastructure continue to simplify operations and our user interfaces and tool integration continues to simplify data access for data users across our customer base. The combined benefits of simplified operations and easy access that Qubole provides have demystified the prevalent infrastructure confusion in the Hadoop ecosystem. It has freed up the time and energies of our clients so that they can focus their energies on deriving insights from their data sets instead of getting befuddled by their data infrastructure. We are helping enterprises embrace and accelerate the use of big data instead of feeling overwhelmed and confused by that term.

The Future of Big Data Continues to be in the Cloud

Since its inception, Qubole has set its stake in big data as a service, offering Hadoop and the tools in its ecosystem as a cloud-based service. Qubole has brought the benefits of the cloud to big data infrastructure by offering customers the first auto-scaling Hadoop clusters and a true “as a service” platform that is both easy to use and operate and also flexible to customize. Industry analysts and vendors are recognizing what Qubole believed all along: the future of big data analytics lies in the cloud.

Our Culture

Apart from the market movements, we have continued to build a world-class team and a world-class culture. The essence of our culture is a strong focus on doing the right thing for our customers. We foster an environment of debate and discussion where everyone is encouraged to selflessly think about the customer and be laser-focused on how we can delight them with our offering.

Product Updates

At Qubole we have always taken the customer-first approach as opposed to a technology-first approach. We are technologists at heart but are focused on inventing technology to solve real customer needs. We continue to innovate on those lines and are proud to announce some of the new product features of the Qubole Service. These include:

  • Controlled Data Sharing: Features to allow secure sharing of data and analytics assets amongst the data users – within and across teams, organizations, and companies. With these features, we are making our contributions to the growing data economy.
  • Performance Improvements: Support for caching and auto-scaling to our Presto as a service offering continues to bring the benefits of the cloud to emerging big data engines while maintaining the performance benefits that those engines provide while operating on traditional infrastructure.
  • Tools Improvements: Multi-source Data Exploration along with features such as Smart Query enable even non-SQL users in an enterprise to access data assets easily. At the same time, Analytics Templates enable advanced data users to use our power tools to build easier data access for consumers within an enterprise.

Also, watch out for

  • Hadoop 2 and Spark as a Service are in invited beta and are proof of our commitment to provide a complete set of engines needed today by enterprises for their entire big data analytics needs.
  • The ability to support the new ‘thin’ nodes that AWS recently launched and is proof of our commitment to continue to innovate and find the best ways to bring the value of the cloud to big data infrastructure.

Our mission is to provide the best big data as a service offering that can help make the lives of our customers that much simpler so they can focus their energies on analytics that help them to create differentiation in their businesses.

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