Qubole to be Presenting Sponsor of Data Platforms 2017: The Only Industry Conference Focused on Building the Modern Data Platform

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February 15, 2017 by Updated April 23rd, 2024
This post is authored by David Hsieh, SVP, Marketing, Qubole.

Data Platforms 2017 is an event unlike any other in the industry. While there are dozens of conferences and forums focused on developing discrete proficiency with Hive, Spark, and Hadoop tools, individually they only present pieces of the big data platform transformation journey.  Never before has there been a forum for the professionals tasked with building a company’s modern big data infrastructure. This conference promises to deliver what these real-world big data builders need, which is the knowledge to apply all the available tools and techniques to enable on-demand, real-time access to data and analytics demanded by the business.

Data Platforms 2017 is a unique hands-on, practical forum that will bring together all this discrete know-how, such that those who attend will leave the conference with a blueprint for self-service big data analytics success.  And that’s why Qubole is excited to be the presenting sponsor of the first-ever Data Platforms 2017 conference this May in Phoenix, Arizona. Our experience has taught us that these skills of practical implementation are as important to the success of big data projects as they are underserved by the training, both formal and informal, available to data pros today.

At Scale, It Doesn’t Get Easier

In many spheres, as scale increases things get easier. Modern big data systems are just the opposite. Challenges and complexity mount with scaling up, and as the demand for services that support broad access to data insights increases in conjunction with scale, data teams are under a lot of pressure to deliver. Business is demanding cost-effective, broadly accessible big-data-at-scale, and very few companies have achieved a broadly accessible, self-service big data infrastructure that can serve 100s or 1000s of users.

The few that have realized it have built wildly successful businesses around their big data platforms, and their hard-learned lessons will be the jewel of the Data Platforms 2017 forum.

Learning from the pioneers at Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay, Twitter, and more

Data Platforms 2017 will bring together professionals from all kinds of organizations, from those just exploring big data seriously for the first time to the pioneers who built the data platforms at Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay, Twitter, and others. These pioneers will be the catalyst for a massive exchange of best practices, techniques, and how-tos that’ll equip attendees with actionable insights they can bring home and put into practice immediately. This concentration of the sharpest minds in big data will make for an unprecedented opportunity for networking.

Qubole’s Mission to the Big Data Community

The knowledge and best practice sharing the purpose of Data Platforms 2017 strikes close to the heart of the Qubole mission: to make modern big data infrastructures accessible to every business. Data Platforms 2017 will help propagate the kind of self-service, on-demand data, and analytics access that will free up data professionals to get out of the trenches, transcend routine maintenance tasks and reach their full creative potentials. We hope you’ll join us in May to kick off what’s shaping up to be a lively exchange of ideas and best practices. See you in Phoenix! 

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