Qubole Announces Support for SaaS Subscriptions on AWS Marketplace

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November 15, 2016 by Updated April 23rd, 2024
Customers purchasing Qubole through AWS Marketplace will get the first two weeks of Qubole free.

SAN FRANCISCO – Nov. 16, 2016 Qubole, the big data-as-a-service company, today announced that it is now available on AWS Marketplace with support for the new SaaS Subscriptions functionality, enabling customers to subscribe directly on AWS Marketplace and benefit from consolidated billing. The availability of Qubole Data Service (QDS) through AWS Marketplace means that it will now be easier for companies to operationalize their big data initiatives in the cloud. QDS provides Amazon Web Services (AWS) users with a robust, high-performance, enterprise-scale solution for processing big data analytics workloads. Customers purchasing QDS through AWS Marketplace will get the first two weeks of QDS free (AWS service charges may apply).

“Inclusion on AWS Marketplace is a win for companies who are looking to provide customers with a simpler purchase process and consolidated billing. For Qubole, we now have a new way for companies around the globe to discover and trial QDS,” said Ashish Thusoo, co-founder and CEO, Qubole. “We’re excited to give new and existing customers an easier way to get started turning big data into valuable business insights.”

Companies seeking to automate the complex and demanding task of processing big data have benefited from the availability of QDS on AWS. QDS’ data infrastructure provides data teams with access to every popular data processing tool, such as Hadoop, Spark, Presto, and Hive. QDS’ availability on AWS Marketplace means that AWS customers can now simplify their procurement of QDS, including consolidated billing for all of their AWS services, software, and now SaaS subscriptions.

“Qubole is a leading offering for big data as a service which enterprises depend on to support their big data and analytics needs,” said Barry Russell, GM, Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace, and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “With the increasing demand for big data processing and analytics, our customers are looking for easy-to-use software like the Qubole Data Service. With their support of SaaS Subscriptions on AWS Marketplace, customers now have an even easier way to procure and start using QDS to process their big data workloads.”

About Qubole

Qubole is a big data-as-a-service company that provides a fast, easy, and reliable path to turn big data into valuable business insights. Qubole’s cloud-based platform addresses the challenges of processing huge volumes of structured and unstructured data. It uses clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, and Microsoft Azure to help enterprises extract value out of their big data while enabling their operations teams to be nimble and adaptive to their users’ needs. Qubole achieves this through features such as auto-scaled big data clusters and integrated toolsets for data analysts, developers, and business users. With more than 500+ PB of data processed every month across its customer base, Qubole’s platform makes enterprises agile with big data.

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