June 2014 Product Update

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June 3, 2014 by Updated March 1st, 2019

At Qubole, we’re continually improving our platform and bringing the features and functionality that matter most to our users a reality. This month, we’re proud to announce the launch of a several vital new features to our platform.

    • Multi-Cluster – We are pleased to announce a new feature in Qubole Data Services (QDS) – support for multiple clusters per account. A shared cluster enables better utilization of the resources but might not be suitable for all needs. Some of the use cases for having multiple cluster include running different workloads with different requirements, seamless transition of workloads between clusters, and more.
    • Canonicalization – We have added a new reports API. You can use this API to find out your top hive workloads. To learn more about how we determine top workloads, read some of our additional information on our canonicalization functionality:

Administrator Dashboard

  • Administrator Dashboard – The Status Dashboard is the command center of your Qubole account. It helps you understand and optimize your Qubole usage. It provides a breakdown of commands and periodic jobs by status, highlights anomalous commands and helps you track active users. The dashboard also provides a chart detailing your Qubole usage by the hour. This chart helps validate the benefits of Qubole’s Auto-scaling Hadoop technology which resizes the cluster according to workload characteristics.

Got any questions about our platform, or have a feature request? Contact us today!

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