DataWeek: Hadoop Innovation Award for Qubole

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October 10, 2013 by Updated May 9th, 2024


DataWeek 2013 was a huge success with industry leaders, including Qubole, attending the week-long event in San Francisco. The conference continues to grow significantly, catching up to the Hadoop Summit and other recognized data conferences.

This is what we left with 🙂


At the conference, Quoble accepted the 1st place award for excellence in Innovation in Hadoop Technologies and participated in a range of interesting talks. Qubole’s VP of Engineering, Shrikanth Shankar, presented the Qubole Data Service during the Data Hacker Demo Day, and Gil Allouche, VP of Marketing, introduced the Big Data as a Service platform in a Lightning Talk. Qubole’s CEO was also able to participate in a panel on the Hadoop ecosystem alongside many other industry leaders before presenting his talk highlighting his background working at Facebook and discussing how Hadoop and its ecosystem have evolved.

SQL was a hot topic at the event as Datameer continues to distinguish itself with its own analytics platform as opposed to those that use SQL-on-Hadoop options.

In between enjoying the delicious food from the food trucks outside, executives were able to interact and gain exposure with Internet companies that are now planning to try Qubole Data Service.

If you missed DataWeek, there is still a chance for you to learn about big data and the Hadoop ecosystem by signing up for our current webinar series, which will take you through much of the information presented at DataWeek.

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