Architecting Data Lakes for Scale and Speed – The Data Lake Summit Speaker Lineup

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October 2, 2020 by and Updated February 26th, 2021

Cloud data lakes are enabling new business models and near real-time analytics to support better decision making. However, as the number of workloads migrating to cloud data lakes increase, it has become essential to architect for scalability and speed.

In the fourth blog of the Data Lake Summit speaker series, we unveil the list of speakers who will highlight the approaches to build a data lake platform that can scale rapidly.. Take a look.

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Mark Senerth, The Walt Disney Company

Mark Senerth, Staff Software Engineer at The Walt Disney Company, will join us on the session titled – A Hub and Spoke Approach to Scaling Storage.

In this presentation, Mark will talk about the challenges with scaling storage and also delve into the approach that the company’s DTCI Data Platform has taken to solve the complex issues of storing data into the data lake in an easy, maintainable, governable, auditable, and simplistic way.

Mark Senerth has been solving problems for The Walt Disney Company for 15 years. He is well-versed in cloud architecture, big data, distributed computing, and high throughput or low latency systems. Mark has the unique ability to simultaneously see things from both macro and micro perspectives, from the highest level architecture down to the lowest-level minute implementation detail. He has worked on a set of diverse datasets over the years that have been stored in an array of storage mediums – each having their own corresponding problem space.

Currently, Mark is focused on the Architecture and Implementation of the DTCI (Direct To Consumer and International) Unified Data Platform, which will enable the business to move faster and achieve better insights in a secure, governed ecosystem.

Prabhu Prakash Ganesh, MiQ

Prabhu, Chief Technology Officer at MiQ Digital, will be speaking on Building and Scaling a Data and Analytics ecosystem – A Story of Decisions, Learnings, and Recommendations. He will share MiQ’s journey to build a scalable Data and Analytics Ecosystem, covering a saga of various decisions and learning the art of technology and product that MiQ has seen over a decade. Prabhu will also talk about the evolution of data and related choices to enable a scalable Programmatic Media Buying space.

With two decades of experience in the software industry, Prabhu has helped build the tech and analytics ecosystem of MiQ from the ground up, which delivers products and solutions driving its global business. At MiQ, he is working to help the company’s tech and analytics capabilities evolve while ensuring operational excellence in delivering world-class products continues to scale. Prabhu has designed and developed high performing, large scale backend platforms, and complex enterprise applications.

Shubham Tagra, Qubole

In his technical session – Faster Analytics on the Cloud with RubiX, Shubham Tagra will find out how RubiX works; how it integrates with the Big Data engines and the cloud store. He will also discuss the improvements that can be expected and the new features that are being worked upon. RubiX is Qubole’s homegrown, open-source data caching framework that integrates with Big data engines like Hive, Presto, Spark to provide the data cache over any cloud store.

Shubham Tagra is a Technical Director at Qubole, working on Presto, Hive, and RubiX development and making these solutions cloud-optimized. Previously, Shubham worked on the storage area networks at NetApp. Shubham holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka.

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