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Qubole Rolls Out Industry’s First Autonomous Data Platform

September 12, 2017

Qubole Data Service, the industry’s first platform using AI and ML to self-manage and self-optimize, is now available to everyone

SANTA CLARA, CA—September 12, 2017—Qubole, the big data-as-a-service company, today announced the immediate availability of three new products – the Qubole Data Service (QDS) Enterprise Edition, QDS Business Edition and Qubole Cloud Agents – components of the first autonomous data platform designed to address the difficulty enterprises face in scaling their data teams and initiatives. Customers are already saving more than $10 million in total cloud compute costs every month with Qubole’s autonomous data platform.

“Even though big data technologies have greatly advanced, most organizations have trouble operationalizing their big data efforts because data teams simply cannot scale to meet demands for data across the organization,” said Ashish Thusoo, co-founder and CEO of Qubole. “What’s needed is to remove the manual effort that comes with maintaining a big data infrastructure so that data teams are empowered to focus on high-value, strategic work. The automation we’ve built into the Qubole platform delivers true self-service while minimizing costs, optimizing performance and reliability.”

Qubole Data Service provides a single platform for ETL, reporting, ad-hoc analysis, stream processing and machine learning, helping data teams at companies such as Lyft, Pinterest and Under Armour be more productive and reduce the costs of their data initiatives. QDS runs on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Bare Metal Cloud, taking full advantage of the elasticity and scale of the cloud. It also supports the leading open-source engines, including Apache Spark, Hadoop, Presto, Hive and others – all optimized for the cloud.

The next-generation QDS platform, first revealed at Data Platforms 2017 in May, self-manages and self-optimizes, allowing data teams to focus on business outcomes rather than managing the platform. The new architecture analyzes metadata (queries, clusters, users, data, etc.) generated by platform usage and applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to create alerts, insights, and recommendations, and offers autonomous agents that perform actions automatically. For example, companies using the “Qubole Spot Shopper Agent” to leverage AWS Spot Instances can save an average of 68 percent on total cloud compute costs, while companies maximizing the use of Workload Aware Auto-scaling save an average of 80 percent.

“With the growing complexity and size of our data set, one of our biggest challenges at Epic Games is optimizing our Data Models for performance,” said Colin Riddell of Epic Games. “Qubole’s AIR for Data Models will help us shorten the cycle by providing insights into how our analysts are using our data, and providing recommendations around areas of optimization. As we focus on reducing our costs while improving performance, AIR for Data Models will help us to prioritize enhancements to the areas that give us the greatest benefit.”

Three new products are now available on the QDS platform:

QDS Enterprise Edition includes the new Alerts, Insights and Recommendations (AIR) features that deliver intelligent, actionable information to data professionals. Powered by Qubole’s new machine learning infrastructure, AIR can be rule-based, workload-aware and predictive, and becomes increasingly accurate by learning from user behavior over time.

QDS Business Edition provides companies with free access to the QDS platform – the customer only pays the regular fees to their cloud provider of choice. QDS Business Edition offers all the functionality of QDS Enterprise Edition and is only limited to a specified amount of compute hours per month. It is ideal for smaller scale deployments and companies developing big data applications.

QDS Cloud Agents, an optional add-on to QDS Enterprise Edition, autonomously executes a range of data management tasks that are typically time-consuming, manual tasks. The initial release of QDS Cloud Agents includes the following three agents:

  • Workload-Aware Auto-Scaling Agent – optimizes cluster sizes for workload requirements to reduce over-provisioning and automates management of heterogeneous clusters.
  • Spot Shopper Agent (AWS Only) – intelligently shops across AWS cloud to assemble the compute instances in the optimal combination of performance and cost.
  • Data Caching Agent – optimizes the locality of your data for fast, interactive access speeds.

Later this year, Qubole will also offer QDS Community Edition as an educational tool for students and others looking to explore big data. QDS Community will be free for up to four nodes and five clusters.

For more information, please visit Qubole’s website.

About Qubole

Qubole, the leading cloud-agnostic, big-data-as-a-service provider, is passionate about making data-driven insights easily accessible to anyone. Qubole is building the industry’s first autonomous data platform. The cloud-based data platform, Qubole Data Service (QDS), removes the burden of maintaining infrastructure and enables customers to focus on their data. QDS is context-aware, self-managing, and self-learning to deliver unbeatable agility, flexibility and total cost of ownership. Qubole customers process nearly an exabyte of data every month. Qubole investors include CRV, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Norwest Venture Partners and IVP. For more information visit