Qubole is an open, simple, and secure data lake platform for machine learning, streaming and ad-hoc analytics.
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Qubole ranked as a leader in the Spring 2020 Grid® Report for Big Data Processing and Distribution.

Acxiom And Open Data Lake Platform Leader Qubole Offer Brands A Winning Combination

Optimizing Amazon EC2 Spot Instance Usage with Qubole Data Platform

You can reduce costs by using the policy-based automation in Qubole Data Platform to balance performance.

Why Open Data Lakes are defining data-driven organizations?

Watch Qubole co-founder Ashish Thusoo discuss the analytics and machine learning use cases that are driving the demand for open data lakes.

Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake.

We examine how Data Lakes support modern use cases covering machine learning, predictions and real-time analysis.

How to Enhance the TCO of your Cloud Data Lake?

Learn how data-driven organizations are enhancing TCO, performance and optimization of their cloud data lakes with Qubole

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QuDevDay Online Workshop

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Is your data lake open enough? What to watch out for

Like yesterday’s data warehouses, today’s data lakes threaten to lock us into proprietary formats and systems that restrict innovation and raise costs


Why Qubole?

Qubole is a simple, open, and secure Data Lake Platform for machine learning, streaming, and ad-hoc analytics. Our platform provides end-to-end services that reduce the time and effort required to run Data pipelines, Streaming Analytics, and Machine Learning workloads on any cloud. No other platform offers the openness and data workload flexibility of Qubole while lowering cloud data lake costs by over 50 percent.

Open, Simple, and Secure

Fast Adoption at Scale

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Reduce Cost by 50%

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