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    Explore Repositories

    Qubole enables you to utilize a variety of Cloud Databases and Sources, including S3, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, RedShift, MongoDB, Vertica, Omniture, Google Analytics, and your on-premise data

  • Analyze-Big-Data

    Analyze Big Data

    Qubole sets your Hadoop cluster on auto-pilot. We scale up to match your usage, and spin down nodes when you don’t need them—saving you money. Qubole starts and runs faster than Amazon EMR

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    Leverage SaaS

    Qubole provides “everything as a service”. Query editor for Hive, Pig and MapReduce. ETL and data pipeline builders. Utilization dashboard, S3 exploration, an expression evaluator, sampling and more

Qubole Data Service Features and Benefits

Our Customers

More than 80 happy customers with our service


Qubole Data Services reduce monthly cluster processing costs by 50%, and increase turnaround time to support our business users.

Shailesh Garg

Engineering Manager , Komli Media


Qubole helps us turn insights into actionable results, and accelerate time to value for Hadoop.

Mickey Alon

CEO and Co-founder , Insightera (acquired by Marketo)


Qubole is awesome—its higher performance for Big Data queries translates into faster and more actionable marketing intelligence for our customers.

Yekesa Kosuru

Vice President, Technology , DataXu


Qubole has been a huge win for us—stable at petabyte scale, 30%-60% higher throughput than Amazon EMR, and extremely easy to onboard non-technical users.

Mohammad Shahangian

Data Engineer , Pintrest

Marc Rossen

Qubole helped take our industry leading infrastructure to the next level, and handle new, complex analytics tasks.

Marc Rossen

Sr. Director Data and Analytics , MediaMath