Crush Your Data Costs with Cost Explorer

Join us: Wednesday 24th April 2024 – 2:00 PM IST | 2:00 PM CEST | 2:00 PM EDT

Drowning in data costs but thirsty for insights? Join our webinar “Crush Your Data Costs” to learn why you’ve been unnecessarily flushing money down the drain on data spend.

Your secret tool in the fight against sky-high data spend is the Qubole Cost Explorer. We can only offer this tool, as unlike many of our competitors, we’re not incentivized to get you to spend more; in fact, we know from experience that a cost-saving customer is a return customer.

The Qubole Cost Explorer doesn’t just streamline cost management; it revolutionizes it by empowering you with a 360° overview into all areas of cost savings, while allowing you to ‘zoom in’ at the most granular level.

Join our webinar to:

  • Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs: Learn how to save up to 42% on data lake costs with actionable insights and tailored recommendations.
  • Get Granular Visibility for Strategic Decisions: Get a detailed breakdown of your spending at job, cluster, and instance levels. Perfect your budgeting with precise forecasting and planning tools.
  • Automate and Innovate: Unleash the power of automation for cost management. Understand how it is possible to balance performance and cost, turning savings into strategic investment into new data exploration.

The best time to have started learning about using Qubole’s Cost Explorer was years ago but the second best time is now.

Can’t attend the live session? No problem.

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Nagesh Reddy

Nagesh is Senior Solution Architect at Qubole and has helped build highly successful big data solutions in several industry verticals ranging from Telecom, Financials, and IoT. His experience spans early-stage startups, pre-IPO companies to big enterprises. Nagesh has a bachelor’s in Engg from the University of Pune.