Create Cost-Efficient Data Pipelines Without Breaking the Bank

Join us on Wednesday, 27th September 2023 | 11:00 AM IST or 11:00 AM PDT

Want to know the secrets behind creating powerful data pipelines that are easy on the wallet? Join our webinar to learn how careful planning and configuration can save you serious costs.

  • Learn why: Optimizing data processing and storage is a total game-changer for your data pipeline costs.
  • How-to: Implement dynamic resource management techniques like auto-scaling and spot instances to adapt to varying workloads more-efficiently.
  • Find out more: About why ongoing monitoring and data lifecycle management is key in maintaining cost-efficiency.

Whether you’ve already felt the pain of an unexpected big bill, or want to learn more about what is possible with data pipelines – this is the webinar for you.

Can’t attend the live session? No problem.

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Nagesh Reddy

Nagesh is Senior Solution Architect at Qubole and has helped build highly successful big data solutions in several industry verticals ranging from Telecom, Financials, and IoT. His experience spans early-stage startups, pre-IPO companies to big enterprises. Nagesh has a bachelor’s in Engg from the University of Pune.