Data Lake Summit Videos

Data Lakes for AI & Machine Learning

Understand the advances in AI and the future of machine learning and its implication on data science.

Data Lake Technology & Finance

Gain greater insights into the latest technology and how to strategically transform the future of the finance office.

Data Lake Scale & Speed

Scalability and speed are essential as data lakes are enabling new business models to support better decision making.

Data Lake Cost Optimizations

Learn a few techniques to lower data lake job costs while maximizing the platform’s performance.

Data Lake Operations & Governance

Learn the best practices for data lake operations & various aspect of governance to accommodate the growing compliance & regulatory requirements.

Data Lake Summit Keynote Speakers

A marquee list of keynote speakers share their valuable insights on the importance of data lakes in a Modern Data Architecture.

Data Lakes & Data Warehouses

The Data Lake Summit offers success stories of data lakes and data warehouses in the real world and highlighted the benefits achieved.

Data Lake for Analytics & Real-time decision making

Learn how data analytics tools can help simplify data access to enable real-time decision-making


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