Data Lake Technology & Finance

Apache CarbonData: Data Storage for ACID Ingest, Fast Query, and Machine Learning - Huawei

Ajantha Bhat, Senior Technical Lead, Huawei gives an overview of CarbonData and how it empowers ingestion with cloud-native ACID transactions and Streaming Merge SQL.

State and future of the Presto project and community - David Phillips & Martin Traverso, Starburst

David Phillips & Martin Traverso, Co-founders of Presto, present the recent Presto advancements and the project roadmap going forward and then detail Presto’s support for Apache Iceberg.

Apache Airflow - The present and the future - Sumit Maheshwari, Apache Airflow

In this talk, Sumit Maheshwari emphasizes the current state of Apache Airflow and a couple of super cool features or enhancements of Airflow, which were added very recently or going to be added into the near future.

Data Lakes Fundamentals and Best Practices - Lessons learned in Planning, Strategy, and Execution

Shreya Pal, Associate Director, Cognizant talk focuses on the evolution of data lakes, how they are transforming the transactional & analytical world, and what best practices they have utilized to avoid challenges.

Spark optimization with Sparklens - Rohit Karlupia, Qubole

Rohit Karlpuria, MTS, Qubole explains what Sparklens does and the theory behind Sparklens. We will talk about how the structure of a spark application puts important constraints on its scalability.

Digital Transformations: The Finance office of the Future - Sarvottam Darshan, Genpact

In this presentation, Sarvottam Darshan, Data Engineering – F&A at Genpact talks about digital transformation, how is ushering traditional finance organization to transform into finance offices of the future.

Managing Transactions in Data Lakes - Joydeep Sen Sarma, CTO & Co-founder, Qubole

This session provides an under-the-hood view into the architectural patterns of open source solutions and considerations for those companies that chose to build a customizable & simple solution without reinventing the wheel.