Data Lakes for AI & ML

Declarative Pipelines & Intelligent Orchestration - Data’s Missing Link - Sean Knapp,

Sean Knapp, Founder & CEO at, speaks about the design and creation of intelligent orchestration for data pipelines.

'Advances in Artificial Intelligence' - Rajat Monga, co-creator of Tensorflow

Tensorflow Co-creator Rajat Monga talks about the advances in artificial intelligence and how it impacts us, and what is in it for the enterprises.

Building an open, data first and machine learning forward platform - Arnaud Prades, Acquia

Discover how Acquia Marketing Cloud is supporting a multi-cloud architecture, and creating a Machine Learning driven experiences at every touchpoint.

Building Data Lake on AWS and GCP - Ranjith Kuppala, CTO, Searce Inc.

Get answers to your basic queries: What is Data Lake?, What has changed in recent years that people have started to look beyond data warehouses?

Data Lakes & Machine Learning: Driving Innovation with your data - Jorge Lopez, AWS

Jorge Lopez, Global Lead – Big Data & Analytics Partner Strategy, AWS talks about the data analytics trends and architectural patterns that are helping organizations stay ahead of the competition

'Decisioning in the New Normal: Leveraging AI and ML in Enterprises' - Raman Narasimhan, Cognizant

Raman Narasimhan, Vice President – Artificial Intelligence & Analytics explains the ambidextrous approach to building modern enterprises using Data and AI to drive differentiation in products and services.

Making the Data Lake the Foundation of your Data Strategy - David Potes, AWS

David Potes, Solutions Architecture Manager, AWS takes a deep dive at the patterns, practices, & architecture that the world’s most innovative companies are using to change the future by predicting it today.

Automated Dataset Monitoring in Adobe Experience Platform - Tom Silverstrim, Adobe

Tom Silverstrim, Senior Manager of Analytics and Monitoring at Adobe, discusses how to use Adobe Experience Platform’s Webhookintefaces to automate dataset monitoring.