Data Lake Scale and Speed

Faster analytics on cloud with RubiX - Shubham Tagra, Technical Director, Qubole

Find out how RubiX works, how it integrates with the Big Data engines and the cloud store, what kind of improvements can be expected, and what new features are being worked upon.

Building and Scaling a Data and Analytics Ecosystem - Prabhu Prakesh Ganesh, CTO, MiQ

Prabhu Prakash Ganesh, CTO at MiQ, speaks about their learnings and decision-making processes that have contributed to MiQ’s business success. He also shed light on future trends and what’s next for his organization.

Scaling Data Science with Spark and R - Javier Luraschi, Software Engineer, RStudio

Learn what makes R an excellent platform for Data Science, even when running large-scale workloads. Why R and Spark are a great combination and how to use them with tools like RStudio and services like Qubole.

A Hub and Spoke Approach to Scaling Storage - Mark Senerth & Mohan Naidu, The Walt Disney Company

Mark Senerth, Staff Software Engineer, and Mohan Naidu, Associate Director – Software Engineering of The Walt Disney Company, explained federated hub and spoke approach they took in the organization for scaling, storage.