Data Lake for Analytics and Real-time decision making

Modern Analytics and the Modern Data Lake - Joel McKelvey, Google Cloud

Joel McKelvey, Product Manager – Looker, Google Cloud outlines the modern data stack, how data analytics tools can help simplify data access, and new ways data teams can put data into the hands of those who need it most.

Analytics on Analytics: Leveraging Metadata in the Big Data Landscape - Kent Buboltz, Expedia Group

Kent Buboltz, Product Manager, Expedia Group, underlines the role of data product manager vs. platform product manager. He also emphasized how Expedia is driving the adoption of platform changes.

The Journey of a Modern Full-Stack Data Analyst - Sharath Babu, Manager, Product Analytics, Razorpay

Sharath Babu, Manager – Product Analytics, Razorpay takes us through the journey and the evolution of a full-stack data analyst and how Razorpay managed to bridge the gap between a traditional data analyst and a full-stack data analyst.

Want real-time analytics? Model your storage right or bust - Matt Falk, Oribtal Insight

Matt Falk explores various ways that Orbital Insight strives to push the boundaries around real-time geospatial analytics through intelligent pre-processing and partitioning, predictive ordering, trading off generality and functionality, and more.

Powering Real-time decisions with Big Data and Microservices, Siddhant Srivastava, Swiggy

Swiggy’s Principal Software Engineer Siddhant Srivastava takes a deep dive into how Swiggy is leveraging insights to make hyper-fast, hyper-local and real-world decisions.

Data Driven Decisions for Business Outcomes - Sanjeev Pant, Presidio

Sanjeev Pant of Presidio, discusses how they approached the customer engagements, the concerns of c-level executives, and how did Coda leverage data designed principles to drive business outcomes.

Data Lakes in a Real-time bidding environment - David Garty, Spotad

David Garty, Head of BI at Spotad, discusses and demonstrates the importance of developing auto-monitoring tools and using the results for optimization.