Data Lake Operations & Governance

Achieving Operational Excellence for data engineering - Shantanu Shirvastarva, Zeotap

Shantanu Shrivastava, Senior Software Engineer at Zeotap, takes a deep dive into the challenges faced by the companies working with the Big Data Pipelines.

The Rise of Data Downtime: Making Observability a Pillar of your Data Lake - Monte Carlo Data

Barr Moses, CEO, and Co-Founder of Monte Carlo, discusses the challenge of data downtime and making observability a pillar of data lake strategy.

Optimizing platform engineering with a scalable and efficient workflow management solution - Orbital

Sirish Mandalika, Orbital Insight provides an under-the-hood view of the architectural pattern of building customizable solutions without reinventing the wheel.

'Data Governance in Multi-Tenant Data Lakes - A Tech Perspective' - Sathish K S, Zeotap

Satish K S from ZeoTap, discusses the various aspects of governance, extending to accommodate the growing compliance and regulatory requirements and suggested architectural approaches in his presentation.

Your Data Lake is Moving to the Cloud - What About Your Security Policies? -  Privacera

Srikanth Venkat, Vice President – Product Management, Privacy, talks data lake journey and how to make the platform more secure as you move your data from an on-premises environment into a multi-cloud hybrid environment.

Data Minimization for Data Governance Strategy in GDPR - Jatin Kheradiya & Bikash Sing, MiQ

Jatin Kheradiya and Bikash Singh, Technical Leads at MiQ’s session, focuses on the journey of building a data minimization algorithm & its challenges to build data governance system for GDPR world.