Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

Decentralized Data Platform at Bukalapak - Hafiz Badrie Lubis, Bulkalapak

Hafiz Badrie Lubis, AVP of Engineering, Data & Discovery at Bukalapak, explains how they decentralized and transformed their data platform to allow their organization to move faster with data.

Why Nextdoor Ditched a Data Warehouse for a Centralized Data Lake - Ivan Peng, Nextdoor

Ivan Peng, Software Engineer at Nextdoor, asserts why the company moved away from its data warehouse and focused on a centralized data lake to power the popular neighborhood app.

'Domain-driven Data Architecture'-Caleb Jones, Sr. Staff Software Architect, The Walt Disney Company

Caleb Jones, Senior Staff Software Architect, The Walt Disney Company, gave an overview of its domain-driven data platform and how it aligns data and product source or target experts.

5 Reasons Why a Multi-tenant Data Lake is a Different Ballgame - Pravanjan Choudhury, Capillary

Pravanjan Choudhury, CTO, Capillary Technologies, focuses on the key aspects of a multi-tenant data lake; what are the added layers of complexities and how they’ve to navigate the complexities of this system.

The Cloudscape of Data Lakes and Data Warehouses - Eddie White, Google Cloud

Eddie White, Partner Development Manager, Google Cloud, talks about how Google Cloud drives convergence to empower businesses and has highlighted some of the technology trends in data management and analytics.

Migrating from a Legacy Data Warehouse to a Data Lake on Cloud – Hugo Sosa, BigData4All

Hugo Sosa, Managing Partner at BigData4All, presents a case study of a Mexican Global Leaser bakery company, which migrated from a legacy Data Warehouse to a Data Lake on Cloud.