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Qubole Compute Unit (QCU)

Qubole Compute Unit (QCU)
The QCU is a normalized unit of compute used for accounting purposes. It is defined to be equal to the use of one m1.xlarge instance for one hour in AWS. We use the latest AWS on-demand rates to normalize other instance types in different regions to a QCU. The table below shows the equivalent QCU for different instance types in any AWS region:

AWS Instance Type Equivalent QCU
t1.micro 0.0417
m1.small 0.125
m1.medium 0.25
m1.large 0.5
m1.xlarge 1
m2.xlarge 0.704545
m2.2xlarge 1.3977
m2.4xlarge 2.7954
m3.medium 0.1989
m3.large 0.3978
m3.xlarge 0.7955
m3.2xlarge 1.5909
c1.medium 0.3409
c1.xlarge 1.3636
c3.large 0.3011
c3.xlarge 0.6022
c3.2xlarge 1.1932
c3.4xlarge 2.386
c3.8xlarge 3.0681
cc2.4xlarge 2.03125
cc2.8xlarge 3.0681
cg1.4xlarge 3.0681
hi1.4xlarge 3.0681
r3.large 0.5114
r3.xlarge 1.0227
r3.2xlarge 2.0454
r3.4xlarge 3.0681
r3.8xlarge 3.0681

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