Why Qubole?


Qubole is singularly focused on data activation. We empower you to process all types of data sets — whether structured, unstructured, or semi-structured — to derive rich insights and develop artificial intelligence–based applications.

Data activation drives every decision we make, whether it pertains to products, people, processes, or relationships. To date, we have made the largest dedicated investment to help organizations close the activation gap.

Our Unique Advantages

Single platform for end-to-end big data processing

We are the only cloud-native platform to deliver deep analytics, AI, and machine learning for your big data. We provide easy-to-use end user tools such as SQL query tools, notebooks, and dashboards that leverage powerful open source engines. Qubole provides a single, shared infrastructure that enables users to more efficiently conduct ETL, analytics, and AI/ML workloads across best-of-breed open source engines including Apache Spark, TensorFlow, Presto, Airflow, Hadoop, Hive, and more.


Ibotta Leverages Qubole for a Higher ROI Across ETL, Machine Learning, 
and Data Analytics Workloads


Lyft Maximizes Resources with 1:65 Admin-to-User Ratio

Support 10x more users and data without adding new administrators

Qubole scales seamlessly on any cloud to accommodate new data and users without additional administrative overhead. Our patented innovations help automate the management and configuration of bespoke computing resources — ensuring uninterrupted analytics, AI, and machine learning, regardless of the type or number of jobs. Our customers experience significant improvements in their administrator-to-user ratios, with some ratios as high as 1:200, compared to ratios of 1:20 with other platforms.

Lower your cloud costs by 50% or more

Qubole means big data done right. We meet your big data computing needs by lowering your cloud compute costs by 50 percent. With 
pre-configured financial governance policies and built-in optimization, Qubole continuously lowers your big data cloud computing costs while providing administrator overrides to accommodate special needs.


Oracle Saves 50% On Cloud Computing Costs

Leadership and Innovation

Since the company’s inception in 2011, Qubole has continued to push the limits of possibility in the big data and cloud computing spaces. Cutting-edge innovation and broad industry expertise are critical components of Qubole’s mission to make big data on the cloud accessible and affordable for all enterprises.

Heritage of Continuous Big Data + Cloud Innovation

Commitment to Open Source

We’re committed to making access to open source engines and frameworks a priority. In support of this commitment, Qubole sponsors new open source efforts that improve the utility, performance, and overall experience of managing the cost and complexity of operations.

Security and Trust

Security, privacy, and compliance are top priorities at Qubole. We provide a secure, reliable, and performant cloud-native platform for our customers.