Analytics on Analytics: Leveraging Metadata

Explore the world of data analytics and data product management with Qubole’s insightful webinar featuring Ken Buboltz, a seasoned product manager from Expedia Group. Gain valuable insights into the role of a data product manager, the value of extracting insights for product change, understanding user behavior, driving adoption of platform changes, and the importance of education in maximizing platform potential. Learn how to evaluate different types of product managers and the critical role they play in shaping data-driven decisions.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Understanding Data Product Management:
    • Explore the role of a data product manager versus a platform product manager.
    • Learn how data insights drive product changes and user behavior understanding.
  2. Driving Adoption and Cost Optimization:
    • Discover strategies to drive adoption of platform changes.
    • Leverage cost optimization techniques to lower business expenses.
  3. Platform Improvement and Education:
    • Identify opportunities for product improvement and cost reduction.
    • Enhance platform adoption through improved education and product habits.

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