Want real-time analytics? Model your storage right or bust – Matt Falk, Oribtal Insight

Presented by Matt Falk, VP Engineering, Orbital Insight As technology evolves, we find ourselves surrounded by more and more data. No longer can we manage this data directly. We must rely on powerful analytic techniques (Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Deep Learning, etc.) to derive value at a pace that matches that of which data is produced. This can be a difficult task, further burdened by the desire to have real-time results. If you find yourself worrying about how to minimize the time it takes your pipeline to compute results, take a deep look at your data model. In this talk, we explore various ways that Orbital Insight strives to push the boundaries around real-time geospatial analytics through intelligent pre-processing and partitioning, predictive ordering, trading off generality and functionality, and more.