Dismal and Uncomfortable Science of Data Engineering: Building Out Big Data with Your Analytics Team

Speaker: Charles Pritchard, Data Janitor, Jumis

Presentation: While software services catch up, many Big Data projects rely on engineering resources, people with programming skills and the culture around software development. Meanwhile, analysis teams are often oriented to serve customer engagement and finance managers, with an ethos and engagement style quite distinct from their counterparts in the school of computer science. As business and engineering sides of the house clash and cooperate, it’s important to remember the human side of things, both in the data and in the delivery of insights.

Let’s talk about ways these capable Business Analysts and Data Engineers can work together, and ideals they can align toward. Learn more at… Data Platforms Conference: https://www.dataplatforms.com Jumis: https://www.jumis.com Qubole: https://www.qubole.com