‘Decisioning in the New Normal: Leveraging AI and ML in Enterprises’ – Raman Narasimhan, Cognizant

Presented by Raman Narasimhan, VP Artificial Intelligence & Analytics, Cognizant. Today, enterprises have a desire to operate like a digitally native business where foresight powers intelligence, continuously informs decisions and monetizes data assets. This has always been the aspiration. Some enterprises have made great strides in this journey. For some, it has always remained a BHAG (bold, hairy and audacious goal). Some have fallen back on this arduous journey and at times losing out their differentiation. However, with recent advancements in technology, many enterprises can now re-align towards aiming for this goal. Join us to hear how modern enterprises would need an ambidextrous approach to building modern enterprises using Data and AI to drive differentiation in products and services.