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An Intro to AWS Spot Instances – Learn How to Maximize Your Cost Savings

aws spot

Want to learn how to significantly reduce the cost of running your applications in AWS? Want to grow your compute capacity and throughput on the same budget?

In this webinar, Alex Aidun will provide an introduction to the EC2 Spot Instance market, which provides unused EC2 capacity at a steep discount of up to 80%. You will learn how to manage spot instances to take advantage of these cost savings while avoiding pitfalls such as workflow interruptions and productivity loss. Following this, Alex will provide a quick tutorial on how to get started.

What you will learn:

  1. What EC2 spot instances are and why you should be using them
  2. How the spot market works
  3. How to avoid workflow interruptions while using spot instances
  4. How to get started taking advantage of spot instances to achieve cost savings