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DATA SHEET Qubole is a cloud-native data platform for machine learning, AI, and big data analytics that includes a native connector for Tableau server and desktop. Together, Qubole and Tableau simplify business intelligence (BI) on any data lake with any file format, for any type of query, enabling easier, more collaborative visual analytics on the cloud. The Qubole native connector for Tableau delivers unparalleled response time—powered by Presto on Qubole—with the industry's best cloud infrastructure cost controls. Qubole eliminates the painful compute capacity planning required to meet SLAs, automatically starting, stopping, and rebalancing clusters based on user demand. This prevents resource competition or performance impact for Tableau users that need to analyze the same data simultaneously. Tableau customers have choice and flexibility, as Qubole's native connector allows querying of unstructured or semi-structured data on any data lake regardless of the storage file format – CSV, JSON, AVRO or Parquet. Leveraging the power of optimized Presto on Qubole – a high-performance, distributed SQL query engine – Tableau users can query multiple big data sources with industry-leading response times without changing their normal workflow. Qubole manages cloud infrastructure automatically based on workloads, SLA, or job priority, eliminating the need for manual administration or rebalancing of compute clusters with changing BI needs. With Qubole's native workload-aware autoscaling and intelligent cluster management capabilities, Tableau customers avoid data processing cost overruns with guaranteed compute resources for their queries at all times. Increased openness and flexibility Performance boost for any type of query Abstraction from administrative complexity Financial governance YOUR CLOUD AWS • Google • Azure • Oracle Data Lake Cloud Data Warehouse Workspace NATIVE

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