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Ad fraud relates to generating invalid traffic —such as impressions (ad views), clicks, or app installs— to either fake legitimate advertising engagement, or steal attribution of legitimate advertising engagement from other sources. Ad fraud costs advertisers—who typically pay by the impression, click, or install event—billions of dollars per year. Indeed, according to Juniper Research, the global cost of ad fraud will top $44 billion by 2022. (As far as criminal enterprises go, only the international drug trade is more lucrative.) Ad fraud also reduces the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and erodes trust among advertising clients. Advertisers have traditionally addressed ad fraud through a reactive process of reconciliation at the end of a set period, typically a month. This involves identifying ad fraud long after it has occurred and seeking reimbursement for any associated ad spend. But this process is costly, time-consuming, and error prone—and does nothing to deter fraudsters or thwart future fraud. A better approach is to prevent ad fraud from occurring in the first place and stemming the flow of ad spend to fraudsters. That's what TrafficGuard does. It discourages fraudsters by detecting and preventing ad fraud at several stages in the advertising journey including the impression (when ads are viewed), the click, and as events occur, such as app installs. "The idea behind TrafficGuard is to utilize data at every stage of the advertising journey to block advertising fraud as early as it can be reliably detected," says Head of Data Science and Analytics, Raigon Jolly. CASE STUDY TrafficGuard Halts Digital Ad Fraud with Qubole About TrafficGuard TrafficGuard is a software as a service (SaaS) product that detects, mitigates, and reports ad fraud in real time through the use of several sophisticated machine learning (ML) models. TrafficGuard is owned by Australian-based Adveritas Limited, which specializes in big data technologies and Ad Tech software solutions. Find more information about TrafficGuard at What Is Ad Fraud? Industry: Media

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