Only 9% of companies currently support self-service big data analytics.
How do you stack up to today's biggest data trends and challenges?
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How We Built Data Driven Cultures at eBay and Facebook

Everyone wants to be data-driven, these guys wrote the book – literally – on how to get there. In this unique meeting of the minds, Ashish Thusoo and Debashis Saha, share their first-hand experiences when they were the leading big-data architects at: Facebook and eBay.

Watch this informative discussion where they address some of the most compelling questions:

  • What are the organizational, cultural and technical implications of achieving big data “Nirvana”?
  • How do you democratize data access and use machine learning to personalize the user experience?
  • What are the typical pitfalls faced by even the most forward-looking organization?

Learn how to leapfrog your organization’s transition to the data-driven culture of tomorrow!