Democratizing Big Data

Learn how MarketShare makes big data accessible across its technical and business teams.

Big Data projects have the potential to impact everyone in an organization, but only if that data is accessible and packaged appropriately for its intended audience. As Hadoop, Hive, Spark and other technologies migrate to the cloud, granting access and connecting to departmental tools of choice can be a major challenge.

In MarketShare’s case engineers, data scientists, executives, client teams and end customers all need access to different insights from its massive amounts of data. Every week, MarketShare processes hundreds of terabytes of data received from clients and various other sources. By working off a single object store on AWS, all these constituencies can interact directly through their preferred interface: from insights and forecasts, to visualization and BI tools, to development kits, to cost monitoring and management dashboards.


Matt Aslett
Research Director at 451 Research Group

Abhijit RS
Lead Data Architect at MarketShare

Minest Patel
Sr. Solutions Architect, Qubole