Big Data Vendors and Big Data Solutions Comparison

Selecting the right big data solution for your business is critical to ensuring a successful big data project. Considerations on where data must be stored or migrated to, how the big data solution scales and the amount of time required before a big data analytics project can begin must all be taken into account. With such vast options for big data analytics solutions, identifying the key difference between vendors is difficult. The chart below provides a side-by-side comparison of all major on-premise and cloud big data vendors. (For a complete buyer’s guide and in-depth explanation of each of these factors, please see the guide below.)

*No migration necessary if data is in Azure
**No migration necessary if data persists on AWS Cloud (only AWS, not Azure or Google)
***No migration necessary if data persists on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
****Applications such as Hue and Notebook must be installed manually

For a complete synopsis of on-premise vs. big data in the cloud solutions, the expertise required to use each big data solution, and a risk/investment analysis; download the Big Data Vendor Buyer’s Guide.

Download Big Data Vendor Guide