Big Data in the Cloud Success with Qubole on Oracle Bare Metal Cloud


Big Data in the Cloud Success with Qubole on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The effective use of big data is the key to gaining a competitive advantage and outperforming the competition. This change demands that companies consume and blend enormous amount of data created from divergent and inherently mismatched sources, which represents a paradigm shift to the traditional data warehouse.

Companies need to modernize their data warehouse, augmenting it with a platform that allows storage, processing, exploration, and analysis of large and diverse datasets without limiting the ability to deliver the data access, and flexibility responding to the needs of the business. That’s where Oracle Cloud and Qubole work together delivering a new breed of data platform —capable of storing and processing the overwhelming amount of data that on-premises big data deployments cannot handle.

Watch this on-demand webinar to understand:

  • Why deploying big data on-premises is expensive, complex to maintain and limits your ability to scale across new use cases and data sources
  • How Oracle Cloud Infrastructure predictable and fast performance compute and network services deliver the foundation of a cost-effective, high-performance big data platform
  • How Qubole leverages Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to provide a turnkey big data service that optimizes cost, performance, and scale, enabling self-service data exploration

Qubole delivers a cloud-based, turnkey, self-service big data service that removes the complexity and reduces the cost of doing big data. It leverages Oracle Cloud Infrastructure next generation of scalable, inexpensive and performant compute, network and storage public cloud infrastructure to provide a solution that accelerates time to market and reduces the risk of your big data initiatives.