AWS vs. GCP Price Comparison


Qubole rents machines from AWS/GCE/Azure on behalf of a customer and works against data stored in their storage accounts. The customer is responsible for the raw compute/network/storage costs incurred within their accounts and pays that directly to the Cloud vendor. Qubole charges a premium for its service based on usage.


The Qubole Compute Unit Hour (QCUH) is a normalized unit of compute used for accounting purposes. It is defined to be equal to the use of one m1.xlarge instance for one hour in the us-east region on AWS. We normalize other instance types in different clouds/regions based on latest on-demand rates and machine configurations.
Tables with QCU ratings for different instance types in AWS [*] and GCE [†] are provided below.

Billing Model

The premium charged by Qubole is based on three units of consumption:

  • Number of QCUH used
  • Number of Users using Qubole

Our pricing includes an Elastic tier (where users are billed based on consumption on a monthly basis) and convenient packages at fixed monthly rates. For more information on price sheets and details, refer to the Pricing page.

Amazon Web Services – QCU Mapping

AWS Instance Type Equivalent QCU
t1.micro 0.0417
m1.small 0.125
m1.medium 0.25
m1.large 0.5
m1.xlarge 1
m2.xlarge 0.704545
m2.2xlarge 1.3977
m2.4xlarge 2.7954
m3.medium 0.1989
m3.large 0.3978
m3.xlarge 0.7955
m3.2xlarge 1.5909
m4.large 0.3580
m4.xlarge 0.7159
m4.2xlarge 1.4318
m4.4xlarge 2.8636
m4.10xlarge 3.0682
c1.medium 0.3409
c1.xlarge 1.3636
c3.large 0.3011
c3.xlarge 0.6022
c3.2xlarge 1.1932
c3.4xlarge 2.386
c3.8xlarge 3.0681
c4.large 0.3125
c4.xlarge 0.6250
c4.2xlarge 1.2528
c4.4xlarge 2.5057
c4.8xlarge 3.0682
cc2.4xlarge 2.03125
cc2.8xlarge 3.0681
cg1.4xlarge 3.0681
hi1.4xlarge 3.0681
r3.large 0.5114
r3.xlarge 1.0227
r3.2xlarge 2.0454
r3.4xlarge 3.0681
r3.8xlarge 3.0681
i2.xlarge 2.4204
i2.2xlarge 3.0681
i2.4xlarge 3.0681
i2.8xlarge 3.0681
d2.xlarge 1.9659
d2.2xlarge 3.0681
d2.4xlarge 3.0681
d2.8xlarge 3.0681


Google Compute Engine – QCU Mapping

GCE instance type Equivalent QCU
n1-standard-1 0.25
n1-standard-2 0.50
n1-standard-4 1.00
n1-standard-8 2.00
n1-standard-16 4.00
n1-highmem-2 0.59
n1-highmem-4 1.17
n1-highmem-8 2.34
n1-highmem-16 4.69
n1-highcpu-2 0.31
n1-highcpu-4 0.63
n1-highcpu-8 1.26
n1-highcpu-16 2.51

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