Natively designed for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and tightly integrated with its storage, compute, security and other key architectural elements, QDS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the best Autonomous Data Platform for any organization implementing big-data projects on the Oracle OCI.

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Key features and capabilities

Natively Designed OCI

Natively designed for the Oracle OCI

Builds upon the strengths of Oracle OCI

  • Separation of Compute (Oracle Compute) and Storage (Oracle Object Store)
  • End-to-end security (Encryption, Oracle Security Identities)
  • Supports a variety of Oracle Compute Shapes
  • Leverages Oracle OCI low-overhead Compute Shapes for maximum performance

Integrates with all major data sources through dedicated connectors

  • Oracle DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle OCI DBaaS

cost effective

Cost effective

Uses elastic resources effectively with Cluster Management, Workload Aware Auto-Scaling and other Cloud Agents

Turnkey OCI

Turnkey big-data solution for Oracle OCI

Eliminates unnecessary steps in the configuration of clusters

Oracle OCI-optimized Cloud Agents minimize need for manual operations in the set-up and scaling of clusters

Works with existing customer Oracle OCI account. No need to migrate data

Oracle OCI Optimized

Oracle OCI-optimized Engines

Hadoop 2




The Qubole Application Tier orchestrates resources on the customer’s Oracle OCI account using customer-provided and revocable security roles. Meta-data describing the data on the Oracle Object Store is saved to the Hive Metastore in the Qubole tier or, if required, on the customer’s account. Workload requests are submitted by users via a web-based Workbench or via Spark Notebooks, by external applications via REST APIs, and by third party Business Intelligence products via ODBC/JDBC drivers. Query results are cached locally by Qubole for future re-use to minimize use of compute resources.

Qubole Oracle OCI

Try the Qubole Jump Start
A pre-populated Qubole environment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that walks you thru different use cases to analyze data without worrying about managing underlying big data infrastructure.