Quantum by Qubole

Start querying instantly. Accelerate time to value.

No infrastructure setup or management required.

Quantum is an interactive serverless query engine that offers direct SQL access to your object stores or data lakes, which enables end users to query data without infrastructure setup.


What can Quantum do for you?

  • Sporadic, Ad hoc queries spread over long periods
  • Data Quality check via SQL
  • Lightweight data preparation such as data aggregation, view creation and data set categorization through SQL
  • Calling SQL queries as a service via programming interface

Benefits for Analysts

Query using ISO SQL*

Rich support for Presto ISO / ANSI SQL and Hive DDLs

High-Performance Query Engine

Quantum uses patent-pending innovations that guarantee quality of service

Auto-Retry on Failures

Quantum retries queries with insufficient memory without user intervention

Support Multiple SQL Statements in a Single Query

Streamline your SQL scripts in one place

Benefits for Admins

Accelerate Time to Insights

No infrastructure management and zero setup time


Cost effective for sporadic query patterns that spread across long periods, and strict-mode to prevent unexpected spending

Enterprise Grade Security

Enhanced encryption and Hive authorization support

Key Features

Intelligent Workload Management

Intelligent workload management through patent-pending techniques to estimate and allocate resources.

Custom Metastore

Use Qubole’s built-in metastore or your preferred cloud metastore; No need to recreate schemas.

Strict Mode

Control costs of each query and prevent users from overspending.


Scale up or scale out depending on your workload and SLA requirements.

Flexibility of access

UI,  Airflow, REST API, Scheduler, BI Tools or ODBC/JDBC access.

Qubole's Quantum greatly simplifies my work by allowing me to focus my core task of building queries to answer business questions and not worry about configuring and provisioning infrastructure. I simply run my SQL query and Quantum provides a fast and reliable response. -Brian Wallace, Software Engineer, Adobe
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