Quantum by Qubole

Start querying instantly. Accelerate time to value.

No infrastructure management & setup.

Quantum is an interactive serverless query engine within the Qubole data platform, that enables data analysts to query petabyte-scale object stores or data lakes using ISO-compliant SQL.

Quantum is easy to use. Data analysts simply point to their data and start querying using SQL. As a high-performance query engine, Quantum delivers results in seconds.

Quantum is not a cloud data warehouse, it does not require complex ETL jobs or data replication prior to analysis. So anyone with SQL skills can use Quantum to quickly analyze small or large datasets.

Quantum integrates with any metastore or data catalog, providing you the flexibility to create and maintain a unified metadata repository across all your cloud services.

With Quantum you only pay for the queries you run. There is no infrastructure to manage. The engine estimates and allocates resources in response to workloads, so it can scale up or scale out depending on the characteristics of a workload.


Query using ISO SQL*

Rich support for multiple SQL statements and Hive DDLs

Accelerate time to insights

No infrastructure management and zero setup time. Just run your queries

High-Performance Query Engine

Quantum uses patent-pending innovations that deliver consistent performance and quality of service.

No cost overruns

You only pay for the queries you run.

Enterprise Grade Security

Enhanced encryption and Hive authorization support

Key Features

Intelligent Workload Management

Reliable execution of jobs through a smart, patent-pending techniques for estimating and allocating resources.

Custom Metastore

Use Qubole’s metastore or your preferred cloud metastore. No need to recreate schemas.

Unified Query Experience

Seamlessly switch between managed and serverless mode as needed.


Scales up or out depending on your workload and SLA requirements.

Flexibility of access

Quantum UI, REST API, Scheduler, or ODBC/JDBC access

Qubole's Quantum greatly simplifies my work by allowing me to focus my core task of building queries to answer business questions and not worry about configuring and provisioning infrastructure. I simply run my SQL query and Quantum provides a fast and reliable response. -Brian Wallace, Software Engineer, Adobe
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