Build massively scalable Data Pipelines

Explore, build, and deliver big data pipelines with ease. Avoid the typical bottlenecks of data ingestion and preparation with a single platform that meets all of your data engineering requirements.

Optimize Your Big Data Pipeline

With Qubole, big data engineers can efficiently manage data pipelines with the flexibility to use their preferred programming language and leverage different data processing engines such as Apache Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Presto, or Airflow. Qubole provides intelligent data preparation to make all stages of the data pipeline more efficient, regardless of your data volume, variety, and SLAs. Qubole’s cloud-native data platform enables the data engineer team to support the data needs of all data users while minimizing data processing times and reducing costs.



Configure Data Source Access

Connect and explore data from a variety of relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Vertica, and Redshift as well as non-traditional databases such as MongoDB, DynamoDB, and Google BigQuery, among others. Conduct data exploration on unstructured data sets residing on AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Storage, or Oracle Object Storage. You can also leverage third-party solutions to explore data on-premises or in the cloud.

Explore Data With Ease

Qubole automatically creates a single metastore for all of your data sources in its Hive Metadata Catalog, which resides in your existing cloud storage account. Using this metastore, you not only have a single view of all of your data sources — structured and unstructured — but you can also query any data source using your preferred tool, Qubole notebooks, ANSI SQL, or via API calls.


Optimize Traditional Data Pipelines

Qubole allows you to consistently and reliably process your datasets and build business-critical pipelines using the data engineering tools and engines of your choice, whether Apache Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Presto, Airflow, or others.

Process Streaming Data

Ingest and process continuously generated data without fear of working with stale information. Qubole’s ability to process near real-time data enables enterprises to execute a variety of time-sensitive applications such as location-based mobile tracking, fraud detection, and real-time customer service interactions.


Data Pipeline Automation

Qubole provides an integrated set of tools that orchestrate cloud-based data pipelines to support reliable data-driven applications. With Qubole, information flows reliably from various sources through data pipelines to data users. Qubole automates the repetitive execution of long-standing data preparation and ingestion tasks while allowing users to define success or failure criteria.

Leverage Popular Workflow Tools

Qubole Scheduler allows data engineers to sequentially schedule the execution of multiple commands and automate data preparation and ingestion pipelines. With Qubole Airflow, you can author, schedule, and monitor complex data pipelines. Eliminate the complexity of spinning up and managing Airflow clusters with one-click start and stop. Furthermore, seamless integrations with Github and AWS S3 ensure your data pipeline runs as smoothly as possible.


Extract More Value from Your Data

Qubole makes all stages of your data pipeline more efficient by optimizing its cyclical processes. Review and refine data pipelines as new raw data arrives, then deliver those data sets on predefined schedules or on-demand. Publish data through notebooks or templates, or deliver the data to downstream applications via ODBC, JDBC, and REST APIs.