Gain better visibility and control of all data resources

Qubole provides system administrators with a rich set of capabilities to manage, optimize, and govern their data resources.

Typically, administration activities fall into three large categories:

Configure and Provision

Qubole provides data administrators with an intuitive graphical interface to configure resources — clusters, workspaces, user accounts, and more. Our platform automates many of the repetitive tasks associated with cluster configuration. Administrators only need to enter the minimum, maximum, Spot, and on-demand settings for each cluster.

Provision user access levels based on policies and privileges defined for each role.

Manage and Secure

Qubole is extremely secure, with security standards that far exceed those required by auditors and regulatory bodies. At Qubole, we are constantly building and improving our platform’s robust security capabilities.

In Qubole, the data admin can manage role-based privileges down to the granular per-task 
or per-command detail. Users can log in with a username and password, Google authorization, or SAML single sign-on (SSO).

Qubole employs multi-factor authentication for all administrative access to systems. Where appropriate, Qubole uses unique private keys for authentication.

Govern and Optimize

Qubole provides administrators with financial governance capabilities to control and prioritize infrastructure spend. Qubole delivers full visibility and usage tracking, allowing administrators to chargeback and tie infrastructure spend to business outcomes. Qubole’s rich automation features automatically optimize clusters based on administrator-defined criteria and priorities.

We had very large datasets and had to run queries every day to populate smaller normalized tables so that we could analyze data over time. This required writing Python scripts, which can be time-consuming for our business analysts. Making our business users self-sufficient got us where we wanted to be. -Adam Rose, Head of Engineering - Adobe Advertising Cloud
Simply put, Qubole is awesome. It’s put our cluster management, autoscaling, and ad hoc queries on autopilot. Its higher performance for big data queries translates directly into faster and more actionable marketing intelligence for our customers. -Yekesa Kosuru, Vice President, DataXu
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