Experience Qubole On-Demand

Get closer to winning open data lake architecture, explore the use cases to operationalize data pipelines, get faster time to value from the large datasets, optimize your TCO, and reduce cloud spending. Watch our on-demand demo videos now.

Data Engineering Demo

Discover the platform's data engineering feature to efficiently manage data pipelines with the flexibility of preferred programming language and data processing frameworks. Learn to create clusters the right way to manage the cloud spend and meet the SLAs.

Ad-hoc Analytics Demo

See how to handle large datasets of ad-hoc queries from multiple end-users without operational complexity. Learn more about improving workloads performance by implementing a data layout strategy, such as columnar data formats, statics collections. Power ad-hoc or batch queries on large datasets with cloud-optimized open-source frameworks Presto, Hive, SparkSQL.

Machine Learning Demo

Watch a demo on the platform's Machine Learning capabilities and learn how to leverage Jupyter or Qubole notebooks to monitor application status and job progress, and use the integrated package manager to update the libraries at scale. Understand how to build an ML model against the dataset to do market basket analysis.