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Qubole on Google Cloud Platform


We’re live!

Qubole has partnered with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to provide the first fully-elastic Hadoop service on the platform.

Users looking for big data solutions can take advantage of Compute Engine’s high-performance, reliable and scalable infrastructure and Qubole’s auto-scaling, self-service, integrated, Hadoop-as-a-Service offering and reduce the time and effort required to gain insights into their business.

Click here for important changes to our documentation if you’re already a GCP user

Advantages to Qubole on GCP

  • Minute level billing offers a cost-effective big data service option
  • Fully integrated with Google BigQuery
  • A faster VM launch time and better and more consistent performance
  • Fully integrated big data stack that is compatible with other clouds





In the above graph, speedup is calculated as ratio of execution time in CloudX vs Compute Engine. Therefore, a value > 1 indicates that Compute Engine was faster. On an average, Compute Engine is 1.21x faster compared to CloudX.