Tez 101 – Intro to Tez (Cloud Agnostic)

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NOTE: As of the first week of July 2017 we will archive this Version 1 Engine Courses and will release our Persona Based Engine Courses which are focused more on the functionality you will need depending on your specific role. Please check back during the first week of July for the new course list. 


AWS, Azure


Tez 101 will explore the basics of the Tez solution including advantages over Hive MapReduce and the DAG that Tez creates in response to SQL. 

Try It

Qubole Education Tez 101 contains “Try It” sections which contain instructions that can be followed inside of a personal account if you have access to the default_qubole_airline_origin_destination demonstration table. Please contact your administrator if you have issues accessing the sample datasets from your personal accounts.

Quiz Questions 

Qubole Education Tez 101 contains quiz questions after several of the lessons – it will be necessary to answer the quiz questions to complete the lessons and the course.

Recommended PreRequisites:

  • User 101
  • Hive 101

Estimated Time: 30 to 45 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate