Course: Spark Machine Learning




Qubole Education Spark Machine Learning is an in depth look at the Spark Machine Learning Library (MLlib) and the Recommendation Library supported by the Alternating Least Squares algorithm. The discussion will outline the use case and how to use a Qubole Notebook to develop, analyze and use a model. The discussion will also explore additional functionality available to the MatrixFactorizationModel object supported by the Spark MLlib Library.

Try It

Qubole Education Spark Machine Learning contains “Try It” sections which contain instructions that can be followed inside of a personal account. It will be necessary to upload to S3 the datasets from the ml-20 file from . Please contact your administrator if you have issues loading datasets into your personal account.

Quiz Questions 

Qubole Education Spark Machine Learning contains quiz questions after several of the lessons – it will be necessary to answer the quiz questions to complete the lessons and the course.

Recommended PreRequisites:

  • User 101
  • Spark 101
  • Spark 201

Estimated Time: 60 to 75 minutes

Difficulty: Special

Spark Machine Learning

Advanced Model Functionality