Spark 201 – Spark Execution (AWS)

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Qubole Education Spark 201 will define why Spark is considered “lazy” while establishing the relationship between actions and transformations. The course will explore Spark execution stages, stage boundaries and the stage shuffle and will end with a look at Notebook Interpreters.

Try It

Qubole Education Spark 201 contains “Try It” sections which contain instructions that can be followed inside of a personal account if you have access to the ‘paid-qubole/default-datasets’ bucket on S3. Please contact your administrator if you have issues accessing the sample datasets from your personal accounts.

Quiz Questions 

Qubole Education Spark 201 contains quiz questions after several of the lessons – it will be necessary to answer the quiz questions to complete the lessons and the course.

Recommended PreRequisites:

  • User 101
  • Spark 101

Estimated Time: 30 to 45 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate