Course: Hive 202 – Advanced Hive (Cloud Agnostic)

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AWS, Azure


Hive 202 will take students deeper into the advanced joins available in HiveQL . The course will also dive deeper into the discussion surrounding Dynamic Partitioning and the common cases that users may run into. 

Try It

Qubole Education Hive 202 contains “Try It” sections which contain instructions that can be followed inside of a personal account if you have access to the flight data. The data can be downloaded from – it will be necessary to download 2004 through 2008. The file for each year should be placed in an individual year directory under a higher level flights directory in the cloud. Therefore the structure should be as follows:




Quiz Questions 

Qubole Education Hive 202 contains quiz questions after several of the lessons – it will be necessary to answer the quiz questions to complete the lessons and the course.

Recommended PreRequisites:

  • User 101
  • Hive 101

Estimated Time: 30 to 45 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate

Advanced Hive Joins

Advanced Dynamic Partitioning