Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on Qubole

Qubole is a cloud-native data platform that provides solutions for data engineering, data analytics, and machine learning. Qubole’s platform is designed to be deployed on various cloud environments, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Qubole has a strong relationship with Oracle Cloud, and the two companies have been working together to deliver a seamless cloud data platform experience for their joint customers.

By leveraging the power of OCI, Qubole can deliver a highly performant and scalable data platform that can handle large datasets and complex workloads. Qubole’s platform on OCI offers a range of benefits, including fast data access, low-latency performance, and high-availability architecture. The platform is also highly secure, with built-in security features such as encryption at rest and in transit, network isolation, and access control.

Qubole’s platform on OCI provides a unified experience for data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists. The platform offers a range of tools and services that allow users to easily manage and process data, build machine learning models, and generate insights. In addition, the OCI on Qubole also offers seamless integration with other Oracle Cloud services, such as Autonomous Database, to provide a complete cloud data platform solution for enterprises. Overall, Qubole’s relationship with Oracle Cloud enables enterprises to leverage the power of cloud data platforms and deliver insights that can help drive business growth and success.

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