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Big Data is moving to the cloud to gain adaptability, agility and cost efficiency—advantages that on-premise deployments can’t match. For customers using Cloudera Express, Cloudera Enterprise or CDH, Qubole now offers a quick and easy way to migrate your on-premise deployment to the cloud. Qubole can handle petabyte-scale operations, and is used by a wide array of companies, including Autodesk, Under Armour, Pinterest and Oracle.

What is Qubole’s Cloudera Migration Program?

Migrating an on-premise Cloudera deployment is quick and easy with the Cloudera Migration Program. This solution includes everything you need to successfully run big data workloads in the cloud, including:

  • Qubole Data Service to run Big Data workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • WANDisco Fusion software to provide active data replication from on-premise data sources to AWS S3
  • Professional services for scoping, planning, design and migration of on-premise deployments to the cloud

A typical project takes just a few weeks to migrate, depending on the complexity of the environment and workloads. Prerequisites include an on-premise Hadoop cluster (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR) and an AWS account with EC2 and S3 access.

Benefits of Migrating from Cloudera to Qubole

When companies migrate workloads from on-premise to the cloud they get to take advantage of all that the cloud has to offer without suffering any of the traditional limitations of an on-premise solution. This newfound freedom allows Data Teams to get to the real work of expanding the number of active users thereby enhancing the analytic value of the data.

Companies who have moved to the Cloud via Qubole’s Cloudera Migration Program:

  • Take advantage of the elasticity, lower cost and simplified management afforded by the cloud
  • Maximize time-to-value with instantaneous workload movement to the cloud via WANdisco’s Fusion Active Migration platform resulting in real time data availability
  • Gain access to Qubole Data Service. QDS is the only cloud-native platform designed specifically for Big Data. It provides unparalleled control, automation and orchestration over Big Data workloads, especially when compared with Cloudera Director.

Through the Cloudera Migration Program, Qubole and WANDisco allow customers to synchronize their on-premise and cloud data and enable one-time migration, workload bursting to the cloud and parallel environments.

Migration Use Cases

The Cloudera Migration Program is designed for companies with one of the following use cases:

Full migration to the cloud — used when expanding an on-premise cluster is too expensive or too slow. The goal is to achieve the performance and cost advantages of cloud-based processing.

Burst workloads to the cloud — handle occasional spikes in workloads where it is uneconomical to provision additional capacity on-premise. This use case utilizes active replication to keep on-premise data in sync with the cloud.

Migration of the development environment to the cloud — move the development environment to the cloud and completely separate development work from on-premise production clusters.