Weekly Roundup: Hadoop Happenings ending 3/28

By April 2, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

1. Intel Jettisons its Hadoop Distro and puts Millions behind Cloudera

It was big news when Intel announced it was abandoning its Hadoop distribution and opting to support Cloudera’s distribution instead. Read More

2. Introduction to Apache Falcon: Data Governance for Hadoop

Apache Falcon can be used to define and monitor data pipelines and trace pipelines for dependencies, audits, tagging and lineage. Read More

3. Big Data is Not Hadoop- Part 3

In part three of its series, Teradata explains that Hadoop is one piece of a Big Data architecture. You also need to integrate an exploration platform and a data warehouse. Read More

4. Cloudera Makes Hadoop a Big Player in BIg Data

Mark Smith overviews Cloudera’s recent analyst summit and discusses Cloudera’s role in advancing big data technology. Read More

5. How Your Hadoop Distribution Could Lose Your Data Forever

This post discusses the data protection techniques used in Hadoop distributions and how the effectiveness of the measures vary across distributions. Read More

6. Big Data Weekly: Social Media Analytics + (Hadoop) ETL Back in the Spotlight

This post sums up some of the most recent acquisitions and partnerships in the big data industry. Read More

7. Performance Comparison Testing of Hive, esProc, and Impala Part 1

Check out a performance comparison of several popular Hadoop tools. Read More

8. Big Data Bits: It’s a Hadoop Centered World

Another look at big news about Hadoop. Read More

9. SAP gives Hadoop users keys to HANA kitchen, lets them eat data from other systems

SAP has simplified the process for people to pull data stored in the Hadoop file system into HANA. Read More

10. Companies Turn to Hadoop to Cut Costs

As the Hadoop ecosystem has matured, more companies are turning to Hadoop in order to save money on data storage costs. Read More


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