Hadoop Happenings: War of Words

By March 10, 2015


Grab the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week distributions waged a war of words as Cloudera dismissed its competitors, and Hortonworks defended the Open Data Platform. Apache Tajo was also declared ready for commercial use by the Apache Software Foundation.

1. The End Game for Hadoop…Already? Kavanagh provides his take on the ODP, alliances and the future of Hadoop. Read More

2. Use PageRank to Detect Anomalies and Fraud Healthcare The first post of a three-part series discusses generating a similarity graph and using Personalized PageRank to identify fraud in healthcare. Read More

3. Cloudera CEO declares victory over big data competition Cloudera’s CEO dismisses MapR as true competitors, and with Pivotal leaving the Hadoop arena, says Cloudera can claim victory over one of its competitors. Read More

4. Databricks Aims to Become the Platform for Big Data This column discusses the history of Databricks and why it is betting on Apache Spark. Read More

5. Hortonworks chief: Why it’s time for some tough Hadoop decisions Hortonworks president Herb Cunitz weighs in on the Open Data Platform and changes within the Hadoop market. Read More

6. The Hadoop wars, HP cloud(s) and IBM’s big win The Structure Show discusses Hewlett-Packard’s plan for the cloud, and IBM’s purchase of AlchemyAPI. Read More

7. Oh Please Cloudera: It’s Not Game Over Yet This article calls out Cloudera’s declaration of victory as premature, arguing that other Hadoop distributions are still growing their market share. Read More

8. Wikibon: Hadoop needs comprehensive security to succeed in enterprise markets Wikibon analyst, Jeff Kelly, found in his Analytics Adoption Survey that security concerns were the second largest obstacle to moving Hadoop into production. Read More

9. Apache Tajo brings data warehousing to Hadoop Apache Tajo isn’t well known, but it’s latest version pronounced ready for commercial use offers connectivity to Java and third party databases. Read More

10. Big Data’s Dark Side This column discusses the consequences of failing to be smart about big data and calls out some of the hype surrounding the buzzword. Read More

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